Can you help with a response? 200 words, 1 in text, 1 Nursing Assignment Help

Can you help with a response? 200 words, 1 in text, 1 reference

A career path in the healthcare sector as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) can take different routes due to the profession’s versatility. As an APN, one may choose to go the employment route, which entails working in a setting that needs an APN’s expertise. However, one may not find employment fulfilling, so the concept of nursing entrepreneurship comes to light. Research shows that nursing entrepreneurship is crucial to the healthcare sector, providing alternatives and better healthcare services where the government healthcare system fails (Vannucci & Weinstein, 2017). Similarly, Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) may practice their profession by developing businesses to fill a healthcare sector gap. The advanced training and experience that registered APNs have may be instrumental in the APN business.

The intricacies of business are complex as they involve various things that an entrepreneur must look into throughout the business’s life. The life of a business starts with an individual having a business idea, planning on how to implement it, implementing the plan, and evaluating the performance of the different areas of operations. The business planning process is crucial as its success largely depends on it. A systems approach in business planning entails looking at the business as one large system whose operations are interconnected, and the performance of each depends on the other. The business planning process of an APN may vary due to the specificity of the business the healthcare professional intends to undertake (Hamric et al., 2013).

The first step in planning for a business in Advanced Practice Nursing is developing the goals the APN intends to achieve by starting the business. The business goals and objectives act as a guideline for business operations. The next step is identifying the product, in this case, the service the venture intends to offer the public (Hamric et al., 2013). Advances Practice Nursing has numerous areas of possible service niches that APN entrepreneurs can explore. Some services include pain management and palliative care for women’s health. Deciding on the service to offer impacts the hiring processes the business will implement to acquire the needed talent, the marketing strategies, and other areas of operations. Planning on the service/ product to offer involves conducting market research to determine where the gap lies and personal objectives align with the available business opportunity.

In the business plan’s market research, the professional must also identify the clients and market they intend to serve (Haag, 2013). The ideal clients and patients the business intends to serve must be interested in the services, failure to which there will not be a market or demand for the product. Market research entails learning the mannerisms of the potential clients and, since the business is in the health sector, how they feel short-changed with the existing healthcare services. From this information, the business can plan to provide the best possible care for them (Vannucci & Weinstein, 2017). Learning the mannerisms of the market also plays a role in helping decide the marketing strategies to be employed by the business. Additionally, in market research, the professional identifies where they may locate the business for optimal accessibility by the targeted clients. Evaluating and assessing the viability of the business plan is crucial in ensuring that any needed corrections are done before implementation.

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