CHP 465 ODU Healthcare Issues in the 2024 Presidential Nursing Assignment Help

First, review the IRAC information that is titled “Organizing a legal discussion”.

Then, read this article

The campaign issue nobody’s talking about

Nobody’s talking about Medicare for all, or any kind of health-care overhaul, in the 2024 cycle

Then read this article,

Health Care Issues in the Early Stages of the Presidential 2024 Election

These two articles will help provide you with some context about the current state of affairs in presidential politics.


In this assignment, you will analyze a healthcare issue that presidential candidates may face questions about during the 2024 election campaign. Your task is to write a short memo, not exceeding 3 pages, using the IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion). Your analysis should focus on facts and not personal opinions.
IRAC Method Overview:
Issue: Clearly identify the healthcare issue you are analyzing. What is the issue – what is the topics that voters want to hear about – or what is the issue that the candidate may be asked about on the campaign trail.
Rule: Explain the current landscape on this issue/topic. What are we currently doing around this issue or topic. Which groups are happy with the way things are – which groups are unhappy and would like to see change.
Application: Explain how the candidate should respond to questions – is the candidate for or against the current state of affairs. Would the candidate leave things the same or is there a different approach that he/she would consider or work to put in place. Think of this as the ‘sound bites’ that the candidate will discuss to potential voters. In this section, you should also consider the impact of these statements on the candidate and the broader healthcare system. Who would vote for the candidate as a result of their viewpoint, who would vote against the candidate as a result of their viewpoint.
Conclusion: Summarize your findings and the potential implications for candidates. What is the political risk of taking a position – would you advise the candidate to offer a new approach to an existing policy – or would you recommend that the candidate maintain the status quo. Which approach is better for our healthcare system – which approach is better for winning over potential voters?
Assignment Requirements:
Select a Healthcare Issue: Choose one healthcare issue that is expected to be a prominent topic during the 2024 presidential campaign. Ensure that the issue is fact-based and relevant to healthcare policy and law. The two articles above provide some context and ideas.
Clearly and concisely state the healthcare issue you have selected.
Provide a brief overview of why this issue is important and why presidential candidates may face questions about it.
Research the chosen healthcare issue. This may include relevant federal laws, regulations, and recent developments. What is the status quo. Which groups like the status quo – which groups would like to see change.
Analyze how the chosen healthcare issue may impact presidential candidates during their campaigns.
Consider the potential implications of their stance on this issue in terms of public perception, voter support, and the broader healthcare system.
Summarize your findings and insights regarding the chosen healthcare issue.
Discuss any recommendations or considerations for the candidate based on your analysis.
Offer your recommendation – should the candidate propose a new policy or approach – or should the candidate steer away from the issue and maintain the status quo.

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