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Three articles, must be Canadian based.

*Published within 2018-2023 year (not previous than four to five years.)

*Powe point presentation.

*6 to 7 slides for one article include the slide of title of the article ,its writers + one reference slide.

Topic for project: Lack of physical activities in older people above 60 at homes in community.One articles should be based or about:

1. Negative impacts of physical inactivities within older canadian people above 60.

Another two articles should based on :

2.  Community-based interventions and programs to encourage and improve physical activity in older canadians.

3. Future directions for adressing physical inactivity in senior people.

The purpose of the Individual Research Presentation is to research and present information to your group and the Professor regarding your group’s health care administration issue/problem that will help you and your group

a) better understand the problem;
b) refine the problem to be clearer and more specific; and
c) identify successful ways to address/improve the health care administration issue/problem.

Groups will discuss questions or areas they would like to know more about related to their health care administration issue/problem. These areas for research will be divided up among the group members, and each group member will research their area independently while checking back to ensure there is no duplication of research articles among the group members.

Each student will find 2 quality, highly relevant research articles or government reports that will be helpful to the group in understanding and refining their health care administration problem/issue with the goal of developing a clear project plan to address (fix) the problem.

Power-Point Requirements
Students will each present an individual presentation to their group and the Professor in a group meeting. The presentation must be less than 5 minutes in duration and include include:

Related to each of the pieces of research:

  • The name and authors of the article or government document
  • A summary of the research or government document including the reason/purpose/method for the article or government document and the findings
  • Why you chose this research – why it is relevant to your health care administration problem area; why you chose these articles over others you found in your research
  • How this information could/should influence your project – specific recommendations to your group regarding what you should include or avoid, or take into consideration when designing your Capstone project as a solution to the problem

Notes on Reference Material

  • Seek approval for articles other than best practice, government reports, or journal articles.
  • News articles and web page blogs are not appropriate for the assignment.

Expert Solution Preview


As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating students’ performance, I understand the importance of providing relevant and current content. In this particular project, the focus is on the lack of physical activities in older people above 60 at homes in the community. The objective is to research and present information regarding negative impacts of physical inactivity, community-based interventions to encourage physical activity, and future directions for addressing physical inactivity in senior individuals. The students are required to find Canadian-based articles published between 2018 and 2023, create PowerPoint presentations with 6 to 7 slides for each article, and provide a summary of the research and its relevance to the health care administration problem.

For the negative impacts of physical inactivity within older Canadian people above 60, one article that could be used is “The Health Consequences of Sedentary Behavior in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” by Dogra S, Ashe MC, Biddle SJH, et al. This article explores the adverse health outcomes associated with sedentary behavior in older adults, including increased risk of chronic diseases, functional decline, and mortality. The research presents evidence supporting the need for targeted interventions to promote physical activity among older individuals.

When discussing community-based interventions and programs to encourage and improve physical activity in older Canadians, “Promoting Physical Activity Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Interventions” by Giné-Garriga M, Sandlund M, Dall PM, et al., can be utilized. This article reviews various interventions aimed at increasing physical activity levels among older adults. It discusses the effectiveness of different strategies, such as exercise classes, walking groups, and technology-based interventions, in promoting physical activity within the community.

Lastly, for future directions in addressing physical inactivity in senior people, the article “Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Obesity Among Older Population: Health Implications and Strategies for Intervention” by Martinez-Gomez D, Guallar-Castillon P, Rodriguez-Artalejo F, et al., can be included. This research emphasizes the importance of addressing physical inactivity and sedentary behavior in the older population to prevent obesity and associated health risks. It suggests the need for innovative interventions and policy changes to promote active lifestyles among older individuals.

These articles were chosen based on their relevance to the health care administration problem of physical inactivity in older people and their focus on Canadian populations. The findings and recommendations presented in these articles can guide the development of effective interventions and policies to address the issue. By incorporating the insights from these articles, the students’ capstone projects can be more comprehensive and impactful in promoting physical activity among older Canadians.

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