Create Business Process Map.

Refer to Business Process Map Guide for more details.

The map should include each of the following:

Flow objects: events (circles), activities (rectangles with rounded corners), and decisions (diamonds)

Connecting objects: mainly comprising arrows indicating sequence flow (filled arrows) and message flow (dashed arrows)

Swimlanes Artifacts: data objects, groups, and annotations 

3. Provide Major Functions – Minimum of 4 Major Functions of the application you are going to create (CRM). “What” are these functions and “what” will it do for the user/customer (one paragraph for each).

4. Provide Requirements – Minimum of 3 Business and / or Technical Requirements for each of the major functions. Written in accordance with the Do/Don’t provided. 

You can write in the user story format. 

Agile/Scrum methodology may not suit all projects as we know so you may want to use something like UX design which allows you gather requirements via interviews or surveys

Please use bullet/number list for the requirements.  

Business requirements describe in business terms WHAT must be delivered or accomplished to provide value to the customer/user.

Product requirements describe properties of a system or product (which could be one of several ways to accomplish a set business requirement.)

Process requirements describe activities performed by the developing organization. For instance, processes requirements could specify specific methodologies to be followed, and constraints that the organization must obey.

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