Discuss what you learned about the food items, where they come from,

Assignment Instructions

For your Consumerism Essay (minimum 800 words in objective 3rd person, not 1st person/I), address the following:

First, select 5 food items you consume. Using labels, internet resources for the items, etc. or those provided (https://www.buycott.com/ (opens in a new window), http://harvestmark.com/# (opens in a new window), http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/09/fruit-veggies-produce-origins-trade-secret (opens in a new window)), try to find out any information about the products. Address the following topics:

Topic 1: Discuss what you learned about the food items, where they come from, how produced, etc. Explain why our food doesn’t really come from the store and the difficulties in learning a foods’ origins.

Topic 2: Give examples of natural ingredients you consume and how they compare to the use of external resources used in food production: food technologies, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, biotechnology. Discuss the pros/cons of using these external resources.

Topic 3: Using the same food information from above, what was done to ensure food safety from production to distribution to consumers, as well as via food-service workers, and yourself?  Address the many safety measures in place and reasons for them.

Delivery Requirements:

Minimum 800 words, with clear introduction, thesis and conclusion.

Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font

Based on data entered into HealthWatch360

Engages with scholarly texts to support analysis

Uses APA style for paper formatting, in-text citations, and references list (no abstract required)

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