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1. Few (if any) of us relish the possibility of addressing a pending conflict. The article, Don’t Avoid Conflict — Manage Them, claims that avoiding conflict usually means these unmet needs will get in the way of what needs to be done and direct energy away from tasks. Review this tip (“What people demand is not necessarily what they must have to be satisfied.”) to an actual workplace experience and tell your classmates how a conflict was effectively addressed. One Quarter Page, double space.

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In the workplace, conflicts are inevitable and can often lead to disrupted team dynamics and decreased overall productivity. It is crucial, therefore, to effectively address conflicts rather than avoiding them. As medical professionals, conflict management skills are particularly vital as they enable us to maintain the quality of patient care. One personal experience comes to mind that exemplifies the effective handling of a conflict.

During my time working in a hospital, I encountered a situation where there was a disagreement between two nurses regarding a patient’s treatment plan. Nurse A believed that the patient required immediate surgical intervention, while Nurse B advocated for a more conservative approach involving medication and close monitoring. This conflict arose due to their differing clinical experiences and perspectives.

To address this conflict, I initiated a meeting between Nurse A and Nurse B, along with the involvement of the head nurse and the patient’s attending physician. The primary goal of the meeting was to create an open and respectful environment where both parties could voice their concerns, provide supporting evidence for their proposed course of action, and listen to each other’s perspectives.

During the meeting, it became evident that Nurse A’s recommendation for immediate surgery was partially influenced by personal experiences with similar cases, which had positive outcomes after surgical intervention. At the same time, Nurse B emphasized the potential risks and complications associated with surgery, particularly in the context of the patient’s comorbidities.

To facilitate constructive dialogue, I asked open-ended questions to encourage a deeper understanding of both nurses’ viewpoints and their underlying motivations. This allowed them to express their concerns more effectively and provided an opportunity for shared decision-making.

After a thorough discussion, it was decided that a collaborative approach would be most beneficial for the patient. Both nurses agreed to consult the patient’s primary care physician, involving him in the treatment decision-making process. Additionally, we decided to convene a multidisciplinary team meeting, including the surgeon and other relevant healthcare professionals, to further evaluate the patient’s condition and arrive at a consensus regarding the best course of action.

By addressing the conflict through open communication, active listening, and a focus on patient-centered care, we successfully managed the conflicting viewpoints of the nurses. The resolution allowed for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition and ensured that the treatment plan was based on evidence-based guidelines and the patient’s individual needs.

This experience reinforced the understanding that conflicts, when managed effectively, can lead to improved collaboration, enhanced decision-making, and ultimately better patient outcomes. It also highlighted the importance of establishing an environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing their concerns while maintaining mutual respect and professionalism.

Overall, addressing conflicts through open dialogue, active listening, and collaborative decision-making is crucial in the medical field. As future medical professionals, it is essential for us to cultivate conflict management skills to ensure optimal patient care and foster a positive work environment.

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