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Evidence-based practice (EBP) refers to making decisions about patient care that are based on the best evidence produced by well-designed clinical research. Numerous studies have suggested evidence-based care of patients can reduce patient complications and decrease healthcare costs by as much as 30%. Obstacles to incorporating changes, such as those consistent with EBP, are present within every organization. Resistance from nursing leaders and other barriers prevent nurses from implementing EBP that improve patient outcomes. Please consider an institution where you are currently employed or one that you have worked with in the past. What obstacles are present? What can you do to confront and overcome these obstacles? Please provide an article about evidence-based practice to support your perspectives.

1 Reference within 5 years-nursing journals only. 1/2 page discussion board on EBP.

IN-TEXT citations required

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential aspect of healthcare that involves making decisions based on scientific research to improve patient outcomes. However, implementing EBP can be challenging due to obstacles such as resistance from nursing leaders and other barriers. As a medical professor, it is crucial to understand these obstacles and recommend effective strategies for overcoming them.

Obstacles to implementing EBP:

One significant obstacle to implementing EBP is the resistance from nursing leaders. Some leaders may be skeptical of new practices or may be resistant to change because of their experience or beliefs. Additionally, other barriers such as a lack of resources, time constraints, and a lack of knowledge can also impede EBP implementation.

Strategies to overcome EBP obstacles:

To overcome the obstacle of resistance from nursing leaders, it is crucial to educate them on the benefits of EBP and the evidence supporting its use. Providing workshops or seminars on EBP can help improve knowledge and build support for EBP. Additionally, creating a culture of open communication where staff members can voice their opinions and concerns can also help overcome resistance.

To address other barriers such as a lack of resources, it is crucial to provide staff members with the necessary resources to implement EBP. However, this can be challenging, especially with limited budgets in healthcare organizations. One cost-effective approach is to collaborate with other organizations or share resources to implement EBP.

Article about EBP:

The article “Evidence-based Practice in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities” by Maryann Godshall (2015) discusses the challenges of implementing EBP in nursing and recommends strategies for overcoming obstacles. Godshall notes that to overcome obstacles, healthcare organizations must develop a culture that supports EBP and provides staff members with the necessary resources and education to implement EBP effectively. Additionally, the article recommends using EBP champions or change agents to spread EBP knowledge and overcome resistance.

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