Health & Medical General Adaptation Syndrome Exam Practice Nursing Assignment Help

Which psychological concept refers to an individual’s overall satisfaction with life?

A) Self-efficacy

B) Self-esteem

C) Well-being

D) Resilience

In the context of stress, the General Adaptation Syndrome consists of three stages. Which stage occurs first?

A) Alarm

B) Resistance

C) Exhaustion

D) Coping

A person who experiences extreme fear and anxiety when exposed to social situations might be diagnosed with:

A) Bipolar disorder

B) Schizophrenia

C) Generalized anxiety disorder

D) Social anxiety disorder

What is the term for the process of encoding, storing, and retrieving information from memory?

A) Perception

B) Cognition

C) Attention

D) Learning

Which of the following is NOT a component of the biopsychosocial model of health?

A) Biological

B) Psychological

C) Social

D) Environmental

The study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another is known as:

A) Cognitive psychology

B) Clinical psychology

C) Social psychology

D) Behavioral psychology

What is the term for a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, situation, or activity?

A) Obsession

B) Compulsion

C) Phobia

D) Delusion

A therapist who uses techniques like free association and dream analysis is likely practicing which form of therapy?

A) Cognitive-behavioral therapy

B) Psychoanalysis

C) Humanistic therapy

D) Behavioral therapy

What type of stress occurs when an individual experiences chronic, day-to-day demands and pressures?

A) Acute stress

B) Traumatic stress

C) Chronic stress

D) Eustress

Which brain structure is primarily responsible for processing and regulating emotions, including fear and pleasure?

A) Cerebellum

B) Hippocampus

C) Amygdala

D) Prefrontal cortex

Which of the following is a common feature of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

A) Excessive sleep

B) Flashbacks

C) Decreased arousal

D) Euphoria

Who is known for developing the stages of psychosocial development, including concepts like “identity vs. role confusion”?

A) Sigmund Freud

B) Abraham Maslow

C) Erik Erikson

D) Carl Rogers

The presence of physical symptoms that mimic serious illness, such as weakness or paralysis, without any underlying medical cause is known as:

A) Conversion disorder

B) Bipolar disorder

C) Borderline personality disorder

D) Schizophrenia

Which neurotransmitter is associated with mood regulation and is often targeted in the treatment of depression?

A) Dopamine

B) Serotonin


D) Endorphins

The biopsychosocial model emphasizes that health and illness are influenced by factors such as:

A) Biology, stress, and medication

B) Mind, body, and soul

C) Genetics, exercise, and spirituality

D) Biological, psychological, and social factors

Who is considered the founder of psychoanalysis and authored works like “The Interpretation of Dreams”?

A) B.F. Skinner

B) John Watson

C) Ivan Pavlov

D) Sigmund Freud

Which of the following disorders is characterized by a persistent pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others?

A) Antisocial personality disorder

B) Borderline personality disorder

C) Obsessive-compulsive disorder

D) Panic disorder

The process of classical conditioning was famously demonstrated by which psychologist and his experiments with dogs?

A) Albert Bandura

B) B.F. Skinner

C) John Watson

D) Ivan Pavlov

What is the term for the tendency to attribute other people’s behavior to internal factors, while attributing our own behavior to external factors?

A) Fundamental attribution error

B) Confirmation bias

C) Self-serving bias

D) Groupthink

Which therapy approach focuses on helping individuals change negative thought patterns and behaviors to improve mental health?

A) Humanistic therapy

B) Behavioral therapy

C) Cognitive-behavioral therapy

D) Psychoanalytic therapy

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