Hospital Intranet / Patient Portal system

Week 7: Network Presentation NR541 W7 Network Presentation Guidelines and Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to identify an information network in your work setting. This could be within an organizational unit, an entire physical building, or across facilities. DESCRIPTION Identify an electronic or computer-based information network in your work setting Cloud based INTRANET not internet.

This could be within an organizational unit, an entire physical building, or across facilities. Do NOT select EHRs which are software applications. In a 15-to-20 PowerPoint slide presentation, describe the network’s purposes, architecture, shape (draw the network, showing how nodes are related), scope (e.g., how much of the unit, building, or organization is connected by the network), users, and any issues related to the network’s design and use. Relate the extent to which the network’s characteristics fit your findings in the scholarly literature (that is, compare your network to typical networks described in published articles). In the event that you are unable to obtain detailed information about your network provide your recommendations for the ideal network architecture for your setting based upon the literature. Explain two advantages and two disadvantages of the selected network type for communicating information. Speaker notes for each slide should explain, in-depth, the key points shown on the slide. Criteria for Content Network description includes purposes, architecture, shape, scope, users, and issues. Network characteristics are compared to scholarly literature, on a separate slide. Advantages and disadvantages of the network type are explained. Significance of network principles for informatics nurses relative to functional areas of practice/scope of practice provided. Speaker notes are provided for each slide, except for title and references, and provide sufficient depth to allow someone else to take over the presentation. Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

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