INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Students will investigate the “restaurants” market in Abu Dhabi and recommend a new restaurant. Based on information available from the press, promotional material, the Internet and through analyzing the actual restaurants, the student is asked to identify opportunities in the Abu Dhabi market and recommend a new restaurant.

The student will be assessed based on the analysis and recommendations made in the report. The report is no more than 7 pages (excluding references, title page, table of contents, list of tables and/or figures and the appendix), using 12-point font and 1.5-line spacing. The report should follow the outline as below:

Table of Contents List of Tables and/or List of Figures Executive Summary Introduction Environmental Context Analysis Demographic Environment Economic Environment Socio-cultural Environment Political and Legal Environment Technological Environment Natural Environment Competition Analysis Strengths and Weaknesses of competitors Opportunities Write a few sentences detailing the market opportunities you have identified Recommendations Detail and justify recommendations about new restaurant Recommendation 1 …. Recommendation 2 … etc

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Table of Contents

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