Module 4 Assignment and Discussion for Culture

Module 4 Assignment Culture

Islamic Culture ASSIGMENT 2 PAGES

“Though it is the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam remains shrouded by ignorance and fear. What is the essence of this ancient faith? Is it a religion of peace or war? How does Allah differ from the God of Jews and Christians? Can an Islamic state be founded on democratic values such as pluralism and human rights?” (Reza Aslan, 2005)


1  Watch the movie – Islam in America.

                        If you are having difficulties viewing the video? Read the Films On Demand to obtain log in or creating an account information. 

2  Write a two (2) page reflection about the movie

3  Your paper should be”

                        Two (2) pages

                        Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards

Include 1-2 references


Islamic Culture


4  Post the reflection paper you conducted for M4: Assignment – Islamic Culture.

Review the reflection postings from your colleagues and respond to one post.

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The topic of Islamic culture is a very important one in today’s world. As medical professionals, it is important for us to understand and respect different cultures and religions in order to better serve our diverse patient population. This assignment and discussion prompt will allow us to explore Islamic culture and gain a deeper understanding of its beliefs, practices, and values.

Answer to Module 4 Assignment:
The movie “Islam in America” provides a valuable insight into the experiences of Muslim Americans in the United States. It highlights the challenges they face in terms of discrimination and prejudice, as well as their efforts to promote understanding and acceptance. The movie also explores the diversity within the Muslim American community, with individuals of different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs coming together to create a vibrant and dynamic cultural identity.

Upon reflection, I found myself drawn to the idea of Islamic culture as a peaceful and inclusive one. Despite the negative portrayal of Islam in the media, the movie showed that Muslims in America are just like any other community, striving to live their lives with dignity and respect. I was also struck by the role of faith in helping Muslims cope with the challenges they face, providing them with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Overall, I believe that it is important for us as medical professionals to be aware of the cultural beliefs and practices of our patients, including those of Muslim Americans. By understanding and appreciating the diversity of our patient population, we can provide more effective and compassionate care.

Answer to Discussion:
I read the reflection paper of my colleague and found it very insightful. They highlighted the peace-loving nature of Islam despite the negative portrayal in the media. I found this to be a very important point, as it can help us as medical professionals to counteract the stereotypes and discrimination that Muslim patients may face.

One thing that I would add is the importance of acknowledging and respecting the diversity within the Muslim community, as the movie showed. This is particularly relevant in healthcare, where cultural differences can impact the patient-provider relationship and ultimately, the quality of care received. By recognizing and valuing the unique beliefs and practices of each individual patient, we can better serve their needs and provide culturally competent care.

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