Nutr 100 diet analysis instruction: Diet Analysis Assignment

This assignment is worth 100 points and is to be completed in three parts.


Part 1: Track your diet. Worth 10 points. Estimated time is 90 minutes.


Keep a record of what you eat and drink for 5 days. Include the following:


What? Include both food and beverages you ate
How much? estimate tablespoons, cups, ounces
When? time of the day you ate it
Where? where you ate

Who? who ate with

Why? why you ate…hunger, boredom, stress, happy, sad, etc.


Keep a record of your physical activity for those 5 days. Include the time, type, frequency and intensity of each activity.


Type your food and activity into a Word document in menu form or as a chart. The more accurate you are in keeping a log of what you are eating and the keeping track of your physical activity, the more information you will get out of this project.


Submit this document in Canvas by the due date.


Part 2: Input your diet and create reports. Worth 15 points. Estimated time is 2-3 hours.


You will need to purchase the MyDietAnalysis program by Pearson Education if you did not purchase MacMillan Mylab and Mastering as your text. If you choose another food analysis program, you will need to make sure that it analyzes your intake of all the nutrients that you will need to answer in Part 3.


You will need to create a profile, track your diet and activity and create reports. The Home tab across the top of MyDietAnalysis has videos on how to do this. Always use Chrome as your browser.


Input your typed food and activity record intoMyDietAnalysis program.


Create reports for the 5 days. There are several from which you may choose, but the most helpful will be Actual Intakes vs. Recommended Intakes and Activity Summary. Be sure to select all 5 days to create an average of your actual intake.


The following are other helpful reports that you will need, but do not need to submit for this assignment.


Single Nutrient report shows your list of foods eaten and how much of a single nutrient contributes to your total.**

Myplate report displays how your diet compares to the latest Myplate recommendations**

Energy Balance report compares your intake of kcals to your kcal expenditure

Calorie and Fat Sourcereport gives you a quick summary comparing types of fat eaten. Also gives a ratio of potassium to sodium. Look at this ratio and understand why it is important.**

Meal Assessment report breaks down your total kcals and macros by meal.

All Daily Reports shows a variety of data combined into one report.

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