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Researcher tries to eliminate the extraneous variables because they add error to an experiment. According to Psuc7f.wordpress.com, an experiment has an independent variable and a dependent variable in which the independent variable is manipulated and directly affects the dependent variable. However, within the experiment there are many variables called extraneous variable that are constantly changing and influence the independent and dependent variables. Some of these extraneous variables are: height, age, personalities, lighting, temperature, weight, weather, mood and backgrounds etc. Each researcher, needs to be able to identify the extraneous variable that influence the most the independent variables and try to control them in order to discover the true relationship between the independent and the dependent variable. For example, if temperature is identified that a standardized environment would control that. The reason we need to control the extraneous variable is because they can transform into confounding variable and the results will not be valid.

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As a medical professor, I fully agree with the importance of identifying and controlling extraneous variables in scientific experiments. These variables can add error and bias to the results, potentially leading to false conclusions. It is crucial for researchers to carefully assess the potential extraneous variables in their studies and take steps to control them, such as by using standardized environments or stratified sampling. By doing so, researchers can increase the validity and reliability of their findings and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine.

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