(SOLVED) A 54yo male patient has sustained a laceration

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A 54yo male patient has sustained a laceration to his foot. His last tetanus shot was more than 10 years ago. He completed the primary series as a child and subsequent boosters were Td.

What should be recommended?

A. Tetanus toxoid only

B. Tetanus and diphtheria (Td)

C. Nothing - his prior tetanus immunization will protect him

D. Tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap)

E. Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP)

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 There are three categories for giving tetanus prophylaxis after an injury or wound:

  1. Category I:  Clean, minor wounds - These wounds are superficial and have a low risk of tetanus contamination. Examples include a clean, minor cut or scrape. In this case, tetanus prophylaxis is not needed if the person has received a complete tetanus vaccination series and has had a booster within the last 10 years.
  2. Category II: All other wounds - These wounds have a higher risk of tetanus contamination and include wounds that are contaminated with dirt, feces, soil, or saliva. Examples include a puncture wound, deep cut, or animal bite. In this case, tetanus prophylaxis is recommended if the person has not received a tetanus vaccine within the last 5-10 years.
  3. Category III: Dirty wounds or wounds with tissue damage - These wounds have a high risk.........