Philosophy 1040 Term Paper

Philosophy 1040 Term Paper

Choose a philosopher who interests you from the list below. Research that philosopher, detailing how they developed their ideas and the importance of those ideas to the progress of philosophy and human understanding. Keep in mind that you will be focusing on their philosophy (and graded on this part), not simply their biography, although some basic details of their life not related to philosophy may be needed, especially when it involves experiences that influenced their thinking. Biographical information should be very small in your paper, otherwise it will affect your paper grade. Your paper must be focused on the IDEAS of the philosopher, not their biography. Remember, failure to do this will affect your grade.
List of philosophers to choose from (your choice MUST be taken from this list only):

1. W.D. Ross (Deontology)

2. Immanuel Kant (Deontology)

3. Jeremy Bentham (Utilitarianism)

You can use the course textbook, but it does not count as a source. In other words, you cannot complete the paper just using the text.

You will use sources from the ROCC Virtual Library (or your campus library) and/or elsewhere to write this paper. They should be documented, APA style, in-text and on a works cited page.
The typed body of your paper must be a minimum of three pages long (three full pages of text). Do not count the title page or reference page or abstract page toward the five pages. It should be typed, 12 point, double spaced. A minimum of three sources must be used, only one of which may be a website.  You will put it in the drop box during the date range specified in the course calendar.
TURNITIN will be used when you submit your paper to identify any potential problems with using your sources and academic integrity. If your TURNITIN report is red or orange, you will have to continue to work on your paper until your paper passes the TURNITIN edits.
Please make sure your paper passes the TURNITIN edits before the due date by submitting it ea

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