What is their LEGACY AS A FOREIGN LEADER? What is this president’s


After the power point write an essay ONE-Page or 350 words in your chosen president (BARACK OBAMA) THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THREE GRADES.

In a minimum, double – spaced 350 words well written essay, address the following for Barack O’BAMA presidents: AS a leader, individual, and president, what should the history book writer about this president? Did he live up to his promises? Did the American public over all trust his leadership? Was he an example of what of what an American should be? What the USA is supposed to stand for in the world? what should be written about this person in regard to him being an example of what future presidents should or should not do. What is this president’s domestic legacy? GOOD explain. What is their LEGACY AS A FOREIGN LEADER? What is this president’s domestic legacy? (In your essay) GOOD/NOT GOOD, what is THEIR LEGACY AS A FOREIGN LEADER? (in your essay) In your essay minimum of one outstand speech him gave


     * There is NO right or wrong answer

     * Be thoughtful. Explain with examples why you are making these judgments

     * Spelling punctuation will be considered as part of your overall work.


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