Why Study Theater?

 Your assignment is to write a letter to the President and Board of Trustees outlining the benefits of studying theatre, keeping our core values in mind. What have you learned about the theatre this term that could help you communicate the value of this ancient art form? How can you apply some of the skills of this craft to other areas of your life/career? How does participation in and patronage of the theatre reflect our core values? This is a persuasive piece, so make sure you support your claims with thoughtful details. The core values are: Excellence, Community, Respect, Personal Development, Integrity, and Responsible Stewardship. The essay should follow this rubric: Clearly identifies main issue(s), problem(s), or intention(s). Investigates point(s) of view and assumptions. Supports purpose with relevant, sufficient evidence and defines concepts. Analyzes the consequences and implications of reasoning. Addresses core value(s) specifically and demonstrates their relevance. States the various options of decision making and chooses a solution.

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